We make customized music profiles for stores, hotels, restaurants and other public areas. We strengthen the experience between brand, product and customer.

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A tailored experience

The music is never by accident. Through well-developed methods, we curate a sound that is the natural extension of the brand, regardless of the environment.

Butik - Musik i butik och retail - Music in Brands


Take control of the brand experience. 95% prefer to shop in stores with music.

Gym - Musik för gym och träning - Music in Brands


From the big franchise to the small gym. With tailored music channels for training we keep the right energy and pace – around the clock.

Väntrum - Musik för vården - Music in Brands

waiting rooms

Quiet or stressful? Preferably neither. Reduce the perceived waiting time by up to -50% with the right background music.

Hotell - Musik för lobby och hotell - Music in Brands


A soundtrack to your stay. We are award-winning for our work with music that tells the hotel’s story and follows the rhythm of the day.

Restaurang - Musik till restauranger - Music in Brands


Want your customer to stay for dessert? The person who is control of the music also controls the feeling in the room.

Our services

One of its kind, we are the personal music agency that works with the big brands. We believe in the power of sound, always in the intersection between music and marketing.

Audio logos & in-store advertising

Radio jingles, audio logos and advertising spots. With a team of producers, we arrange for all audio extensions of your brand identity.

Background Music

Carefully humanly curated songs, technically advanced scheduling. Do not let chance determine your brand experience.

Speakers & Sound Systems

DJ:s / Live / Event

Artist Collaborations

Is there an artist who personifies your brand position? We’ll put you in touch and dive into the collaboration opportunities.



A completely digital solution

The music is streamed in real time via the Internet and is received by a computer or by our reliable and environmentally friendly music players. The service includes continuous operation and monitoring of the music players in a dynamic comprehensive solution that includes everything from regular updates of musical content to supervision and support. Just as important as the musical content is the quality of the sound. That’s why we work with some of the world’s best audio system manufacturers, and are also resellers of the first wireless speaker system for public spaces.


Choose between licensed or royalty free music in our channel library. Have a listen, and start subscribing to your favorite channel.



On the right side of the law

We work closely with the rights holders’ organizations for streaming music in public areas and can always help establish agreements for you as a customer. By paying to the rights holders’ organizations we ensure that artists, musicians and songwriters get paid accordingly when their music is being played in our channels.


We believe in the power of sound

Our experience from the music industry is extensive. With a senior background in areas ranging from commercial radio to events, film music composition and marketing, the team at Music in Brand combines excellence in both verticals of our niche - music and brand building.

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The first step is that you have found here, so now we are already on our way! We create music strategy based on your brand, customers and goals. With our help, you choose your own sound, which is then played completely automatically through a reliable music player, and your customers get to experience the right music at the right time.


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