Audio Logos & In-store Advertisement

Your brand in audio

Radio jingles, sound logos and advertising spots. With a team of producers, we arrange for all extensions of your audio identity.

Just as companies have their own set of colors, fonts for text and visual guide for imagery, the world’s leading brands have an instantly recognizable ID for audio communication. Sometimes, it’s heard in a commercial on television, other times it’s more subtle, like the few notes at the end of a radio advertisement or a modified doorbell or store sound. Even in a recurring voice over for online content and on the telephone support line.

do you keep a consistency throughout your brand?

If you choose to develop our own, brand-adapted music channel, you also automatically have an added opportunity to communicate messages to customers and employees. Most purchase decisions are made in store so if you want to promote a particular product, inform about a certain campaign or get more members to your customer loyalty club, there is the chance. We have produced and worked with radio advertising in different forms since 1993.

As Music in Brands, we have developed complete audio identities for some of Scandinavia’s largest brands, and are very curious about how we can help you tie communication to an increased recognition and boosted sales using these tools.